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Five Areas the Labour Party Must Get Right

I have written an article on the future of the Labour Party for the New Left Project. It addresses five areas I think we must look at in order to refocus and repair the party. There is no question in my mind that Labour has a massive opportunity to become the only genuine progressive mainstream party in the UK, now the Lib Dems have sold their soul in coalition.

However, we must take this opportunity to change our priorities and remind ourselves and the country what we stand for. We can have an open and honest debate about our aims and how we achieve them. This time in opposition must be used productively otherwise we face a long time in the wilderness. This article is my contribution to the discussion. It looks at our message, public services, the government’s remit, the UK in the world and the environment – five areas we must get right in order to progress and rebuild the public’s trust in us. These issues are not by any stretch of the imagination the whole story, but they should be at the core of the debate around the leadership contest in the coming months.

I look forward to your comments.


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